The <step-switcher> element can be used to present controls for navigating between all kind of steps eg. directions steps.

Working example:

Example usage:

<!-- HTML -->

<mi-step-switcher heading="Steps" step-index="0"></mi-step-switcher>
// JavaScript

const stepSwitcherElement = document.querySelector('mi-step-switcher');
const steps = [
    { title: 'Step 0' },
    { title: 'Step 1' },
    { title: 'Step 2' }
stepSwitcherElement.steps = steps;

stepIndexChanged event

A stepIndexChanged event is emitted from the <mi-step-switcher> element whenever a new step is set. The event payload contains the new step index.


// JavaScript

const stepSwitcherElement = document.querySelector('mi-step-switcher');
stepSwitcherElement.addEventListener('stepIndexChanged', event => {
    console.log(event.detail); // Expected output: 1

steps attribute

A steps attribute is available on the <mi-step-switcher> element which can be used to set an array of eg. steps. The attribute accepts all kinds of arrays and doesn't need to be used for directions steps only. When set, a corresponding amount of dots are shown in the middle below the heading. The next and previous buttons can be used to navigate between the steps.

heading attribute

A heading attribute is available on the <mi-step-switcher> element which can be used to set the heading for the step switcher. When set a heading will be shown above the dots.

stepIndex attribute

A stepIndex attribute is available on the <mi-step-switcher> element which can be used to set a start index or get the current step index as a number. When set, the dot with active state will correspond to the stepIndex value. The default value is 0.


On modern browsers, parts of the component style can be overridden using the CSS pseudo element ::part.

The following parts are available for styling:

Styling example

/* CSS */

mi-step-switcher::part(dot) {
    background-color: #2a844e;
mi-step-switcher::part(active-dot) {
    background-color: #1a5130;


Property Attribute Description Type Default
heading heading Heading to display. string undefined
stepIndex step-index Step index to show. Defaults to first step. number 0
steps -- Steps to display dots for. any[] []


Event Description Type
stepIndexChanged Emits the new step index as a number. CustomEvent<number>

Shadow Parts

Part Description