The <mi-column> element can be used to define a column within a <mi-data-table> element.

Working example:

Example usage:

<!-- HTML -->

    <mi-column label="ID" binding="id"></mi-column>
    <mi-column label="Title" binding="title" sortable sort="asc"></mi-column>
    <mi-column id="button-column"><button class="mi-button mi-button--primary">?</button></mi-column>
// JavaScript

const tableData = [
    { id: 1, title: 'Kitchen'},
    { id: 2, title: 'Living Room'},
    { id: 3, title: 'Bedroom'},
document.querySelector('mi-data-table').rows = tableData;
document.getElementById('button-column').addEventListener('clicked', event => alert(event.detail.title));

align-content attribute

The align-content attribute can be used to align the content of the column. Possible values are left, center, or right. The default value is left.

binding attribute

The binding attribute can be used to specify what part of the row data to display. Eg. having row data like [ { id: 1, title: "Living Room" }, {...} ], when using binding="title" the title value from the data will be displayed (in this example Living Room).

You can also omit the binding and compose the content yourself by providing it as inner content of the column element. You are able to use data interpolation as well. Eg. <mi-column>Identifier <strong>{id}</strong></mi-column>. This approach will also enable you to use MapsIndoors CSS classes and MIDT classes.

label attribute

The label attribute can be used to set the content of the column heading (tr element) in the table. If omitted, the binding name will be used.

sort attribute

The sort attribute is used to pre-sort the table by a specific column. Possible values are asc or desc.

sortable attribute

The sortable attribute can be used to indicate that the table can be sorted by this column content. For sorting by date use sortable="date".

width attribute

The width attribute sets the width of the column. All CSS length units are accepted. The default value is auto.

clicked event

A clicked event is emitted from the <mi-column> element when content inside the cells have been clicked. Event payload contains the row data.


Property Attribute Description Type Default
alignContent align-content The alignContent property sets the alignment of the column's content. string 'left'
binding binding The name of the property on the row object which value will be displayed. string undefined
fitContent fit-content If present, the column width is fitted the content. boolean false
label label The label that will be shown in the table header. string undefined
monospace monospace The monospace property sets the font-family to monospace. boolean false
sort sort If present, the table will be pre-sorted by this column. string undefined
sortable sortable If present, the column will be sortable. *For sorting dates use sortable="date". string undefined
width width The width property sets the column's width. All CSS length units are accepted. string 'auto'


Event Description Type
clicked Fired when clicking on content within a table cell for this column. Event detail contains the row data. CustomEvent<object>